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WorkflowFirst is a database powered by workflow that you can use in the cloud or download for maximum security.

Quickly create a hierarchical database then add processes to create assignments and workflow. WorkflowFirst turns it into a full web app with a click of a button.

The Fastest Way To Manage Workflow
Without Programming

WorkflowFirst comes with a multitude of sample forms. The possibilities are endless.

  • CRM Workflow

    The CRM custom sample form lets you create deals, log deal activity, view deal status with a drag-and-drop kanban chart, calendar for viewing activity and much more!

  • Purchase Requisition

    Submit the purchase req, have it send to a manager for review where they can approve or reject the request. Watch us create it in a few minutes here.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Submit employee details, then route the form in parallel to HR, accounting, IT, the office manager for processing. Watch us create it here.

  • Leave Request

    With forms for HR to set employee leave allowances and employees to put in leave requests, management approval and more. Watch us create the workflow here.

Organize Your Company Workflow

With WorkflowFirst you get a customizable forms package, database and workflow management software in one simple-to-use interface that anyone can easily setup without programming.

Create Forms

With our automatic-layout engine, creating forms is as easy as listing the fields you want to capture.

Organize Forms

Organize your forms into folders in a hierarchy, letting you provide thousands of forms without cluttering up your system.

Capture Anywhere

Capture forms on a smartphone, through chatbots, kiosks, QR codes, or emails. We're serious about capturing data.

Automatically Route Forms

Configure forms to automatically be sent to 1 or more users or a group such as a specific role, optionally with conditions or scripting. With a dashboard to make sure nothing is ever forgotten.

Send As Approval, Task or Notification

For an approval item, users can approve or reject. For tasks they simply have to say when it's complete. For any type, you can delegate or defer items to a later date.

Security First

Tons of security features. Unlike KissFlow, Download to your own network for maximum security. With Active Directory integration, e-Signatures and more.

Never Lose Track

See the status of all submitted forms, with daily reports, so you'll never lose track of your workflow. Temporarily delegate tasks to others when you're away so they're not forgotten.

Powerful Scripting

Optionally take your app to the next level with a simple and intuitive scripting language built to empower business analysts.


Get the big picture, instantly seeing how many items are in your to-do list, whether any are urgent, and the status and history of your requests.

Enforce Procedures

The form routes become your company procedures, fully centralized, and accessible to all, enforcing proper authorization and limits as you configure them.

Your Company Database

The central repository of all submitted forms will quickly become your company database, with reporting, Excel integration and full Google-like searching built-in.

Workflow On-The-Go

With a pure web interface optimized for smartphones and tablets, and providing the ability to approve or reject through email, you can keep workflow going from anywhere.

Fully Customizable & Extensible

WorkflowFirst is a workflow software and Business Process Management tool (BPM) that lets you easily add new forms, in seconds.

But it also provides features for implementing far more advanced forms, with dependent dropdown lists, multiple nested forms, calculated fields, and advanced layout options. It provides extensively configurable user permissions, a PDF reporting engine built-in, and advanced features like a powerful (but easy to learn) scripting language - if you ever need to implement workflow that requires special logic.

Technical features:

  • Stores all form data in native tables in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Runs in the cloud, or download to your premises (Windows/IIS)
  • Fully configurable and extensible, can even be white-labeled
  • Comprehensive APIs (C# / REST) for integrating with other systems such as an ERP
  • Extensive security settings, with Active Directory integration available

WorkflowFirst lets you create workflow out of any form in your organization, whether that form is defined in WorkflowFirst, or entered in a different application - through the extensive APIs in WorkflowFirst any action can be routed through the workflow system, so that everything can be managed in one place.

Affordable Packages

WorkflowFirst is available either in the cloud or can be downloaded for a private installation

  • Gold Level

    Pro Edition, Site License

    $ 250 ONLY
    / month
    • Download and Install
    • Optional Cloud Account*
    • Unlimited Transactions*
    • Unlimited Users / Apps
    • Customizable Forms
    • Use SQL Server & IIS
    • Active Directory integration
    • Contact Us for Up-Front Pricing
  • Deluxe Level

    WorkflowFirst + Staff.Wiki

    $ 999 ONLY
    / month
    • All Features of Gold Edition
    • Includes Staff.Wiki Enterprise
    • (45 Wiki Managers, unlimited users)
    • Policy/Procedure Library
    • Risk Management Module
    • Compliance Module
    • Use SQL Server & IIS
    • Active Directory / SSO
    • Contact Us for Up-Front Pricing

* Cloud service limited to 1000 transactions per month. Should your account exceed that amount, your account may have to move onto a separate server at additional cost. ** Support limited to installation and basic use provided through user forum. *** Discounts may be available for qualifying non-profit organizations, please contact us for more information.

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